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Daleswood Health is a Private General Practice which cares for people in and around Solihull in the West Midlands. Set up by husband and wife, Oliver and Alison Denton, the vision has always been to create a more personalised approach to General Practice. Both local GP’s, each with over 20 years experience of working within the NHS, they were able to recognise the limitations of this system currently for both patients and doctors alike.

At Daleswood Health, we have moved back to a more traditional style of General Practice with time and consideration given to you by the same doctor, providing complete continuity of care. This is delivered in a flexible way, providing longer appointments at times that are convenient to you.


We provide a wide range of services including Physio, Chiropody and Psychotherapy.

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We have all been affected by COVID-19. The disruption it has caused to our lives since 2020 has been immense. The UK has tried to cope with this huge unknown, and advice and guidance have changed.
The initial strategy was to try and prevent the spread of the virus, but this was not possible, and COVID-19 is moving from a Pandemic to an Endemic, meaning we will live with it like we do colds and flu with seasonal variation and its evolution over time.
As with many diseases, vaccination is the quickest and best way to provide some protection against infections, and over time these are refined and adapted to improve and maintain protection. Most of the UK has now been vaccinated, infected or increasingly both. This provides us with some protection which will reduce over time, and depending on our health and changes in the virus, our risk of serious illness is unknown.
Testing remains a helpful tool in knowing if the illness we have is COVID or not and vital in our efforts to protect the most vulnerable. PCR testing is the most sensitive way of finding out if we have COVID. Lateral Flow testing is accurate when we have very high virus levels but can miss up to 50% of cases. This is why The World Health Organisation recommends testing to help control the spread of COVID and why many countries only accept PCR as evidence of infection. Testing works best when done as soon as we develop symptoms or after the incubation period to see if we are infected.
There are two types of COVID testing. Antigen Swab Testing looks for the virus when we are first unwell, and Antibody Blood Testing looks for the body’s response about 3 to 4 weeks after the illness starts.
With as many as 80% of infected people having no or ‘mild’ symptoms, the virus spreads rapidly. Antigen testing one week after exposure or Antibody testing four weeks after can confirm if you were infected.
If you do become unwell, testing as soon as possible is advised and no later than five days after the onset of symptoms.
The problem with all tests is that there will be errors, and it is essential to use test results in context. Positive swab tests are likely to be accurate, but 7-16% are falsely negative. Antibody tests have a higher number of false-positive results with a lower number of false negatives, but this depends on the test’s timing.


Children – Fatigue, Headache, Fever, Sore throat, Loss of appetite, Unusual rash

Adult – Fatigue, Headache, Loss of smell, Persistent cough, Sore throat

The COVID-19 Symptoms Study has found 6 different types of COVID based on symptoms.

Which test and When to test:

Exposure to + 5 Days – Testing not recommended

No symptoms: Exposure + 5 to Exposure + 10 Days – Swab testing

Symptoms: Onset to + 5 Days – Swab testing

Swab testing not recommended from 2 weeks after exposure or 5 days after onset of symptoms.

Antibody testing from 3 to 4 weeks after exposure or onset of symptoms.

COVID Testing

Testing is vital to us trying to limit the spread of COVID. If you have been unwell for less than 1 week and need to know if it is COVID you need a PCR Swab Antigen test. If you were unwell over 3 weeks ago you need a Blood Antibody test.

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