About Us

Why Private?

We recognise that seeing a Doctor can be stressful for some people.

Due to an increased pressure on the health service, you may need to wait some considerable time to see a GP at your NHS surgery. When you do get an appointment, it may not be at a time that is convenient to you or with a Doctor that knows you. A ten minute appointment often does not feel long enough to thoroughly discuss your concerns.

At Daleswood Health, we are able to do things differently, in a way that we believe makes a difference. A standard appointment is twenty minutes but patients are welcome to book for as long as they feel they need. We offer appointments throughout the day, evening and on weekends. We also strive to book these on the same day they are requested, if so desired.

We have rapid access to a great number of investigations, many of which are not available on the NHS. Our Doctors can treat conditions, carry out procedures or arrange onward referral to Hospital Specialists if required.

Our care should run alongside your NHS GP and, if given permission to do so, we will feed back all information to them. Our service is highly confidential and you can choose for your consultation to remain private at our clinic if you prefer.

We look forward to providing you with an outstanding level of healthcare that is personal to you.

Caring for you

All year round

A traditional service, giving you greater control over your health in the knowledge you will get to see the doctor of your choice when you need.

Oliver Denton

Individual approach

Why choose us

Medical privacy

Consultations are between you and your health professional and no one else. We only share with your explicit consent.

Modern equipment

From adopting and developing the latest IT solutions to having the best equipment possible to aid in your care.

Quality & Safety

We have always strived to exceed the standards set by the NHS and we constantly monitor this performance.


All our staff are highly qualified and registered with national authorities to ensure you receive the best care.

Emergency help

You never know when you may need us which is why we are available 8 till 8 and longer for some patients.

Individual approach

The cornerstone to helping you get the most from your health is having the time to understand you.


The luxury of longer appointments is being able to explain all your options and help you choose the best.

Modern treatment

Having more time with and between patients we can keep on top of the latest treatments and best possible care.

Healthy and happy patients

Our satisfied patients

“Couldn’t get an appointment with my own GP for a week so I went to Daleswood Health and was seen the following day, Dr Denton was wonderful, first class treatment, very friendly and very caring, would highly recommend.” Facebook Review 2018