"Testing is critical to reducing the spread of COVID"

COVID Testing

Daleswood Health offers a full range of COVID-19 services to help our patients manage the rapidly changing advice and access healthcare safely and quickly. We are registered with UKAS to provide COVID testing and Point of Care COVID testing.

Same Day COVID Test

Laboratory testing was the only way to test and when they became overwhelmed testing is restricted to those who are unwell with delays of up to 4 days for the result. The sooner we know if you have the virus the sooner you can stop the spread, make decisions, travel, work or just know. That is why we now have Vivalytic testing at Daleswood Health with a genuine RT-PCR result in as little as 45 minutes.


Doctors use tests to aid diagnosis, monitor conditions and treatment. In isolation, tests can be very misleading and only ever form part of the picture as no test is 100% accurate. There are 2 main types of COVID-19 test currently available – ‘Antigen’ and Antibody. The WHO / UK recommend RT-PCR swab test which looks for the virus ‘Antigen’ and the Antibody blood test which looks for the body’s response to the virus. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of test but the most important thing is to get the right test, performed correctly at the right time.

Travel Services

Leaving England

Most countries you plan on travelling to will require evidence of a Negative COVID Antigen test. Some countries will accept Lateral Flow tests, however, these are not as reliable as RT-PCR and not something we offer at Daleswood. The test involves a swab of the back of your throat and nose taking just a few seconds to perform.

Arriving in England

All travellers entering England from outside the Common Travel Area must have Day 2 or Day 2 & 8 testing (Amber List depending on vaccination status) or have a Day 2 test (Green List). Before travel you must have an RT-PCR or Lateral Flow test within 3 days of arrival, book and pay for Day 2 or 2 & 8 testing and complete a Passenger Locator Form.

Day 2 & 8 Testing

From February 2021 all travellers entering England from outside the UK are required to have a COVID RT-PCR test on or before day 2 (Green, Amber if fully vaccinated or age under 18 years) and from day 8 (Amber, unvaccinated). This must be booked as a Package before and does not impact on the length of your quarantine if required. It is cheaper to do these yourself by post.

Day 5 Test to Release

For those travelling back from an Amber list country who are not fully vaccinated, it is possible to end your mandatory quarantine from day 5 with a negative RT-PCR swab. This is in addition to the Day 2 & 8 testing and allows you to return to normal up to 5 days sooner with the addition of one more test.

Laboratory COVID PCR swab test

TDL is the largest COVID-19 PCR testing facility outside of the Government-run Lighthouse laboratories.

Same day COVID PCR swab test

Vivalytic by Bosch Randox is a stand-alone molecular diagnostic analyser to give results in as little as 45 minutes.

Laboratory COVID Antibody blood test

The Abbott and Roche antibody tests are both Public Health England approved tests offering the most reliable result.

Rapid COVID Antibody blood test

VivaDiag & AbC are reliable finger prick rapid antibody test with a result from 15 minutes for the N or S proteins

COVID Lung Ultrasound

Point of care ultrasound has been found to significantly aid in the diagnosis of COVID-19.

Face to Face Appointments

The importance of seeing a doctor has never been greater but we must take extra care.

Timing is everything

Knowing your result as soon as possible means you can return to work, sport or school sooner, prevent the spread of COVID-19 sooner and plan sooner. All of which can save you time, money and stress. COVID is not going away and the quicker we act the sooner we can all return back to normal.

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COVID-19 price list

Giving you choice helps you make the right decision for you and your circumstances. If you are not sure or want more information please call or email