Seeing a private doctor or specialist is much less than you might think. We want our prices to be as transparent as possible and charge for the time you spend with us.

If you need a procedure or investigation this is an additional cost which will be discussed with you at the time of your appointment.

GP Services

Individual (per month)£42
Family (per month)£85
20 minutes£90
30 minutes£120
40 minutes£145
50 minutes£165
Telephone 20 min£65
Home Visit In Hours£165
Home Visit Out of Hours£200
Core Health Check
40 minutes
24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring£100
ECG (Electrocardiogram)£15
Dermoscopy (skin microscope)£20
HbA1c (Diabetes)£15
Lipids (Cholesterol)£15
Urine analysis£5
Prices exclude consultation fee 
Joint Injectionfrom £60
Ear Syringing£15
Minor Skin Surgeryfrom £90
Coil Fittingfrom £110
Chicken Pox£90
HPV (Gardasil 9)£200
Meningitis B£140
Meningitis ACWY£90
Whooping Cough (Pertussis)£75
Seasonal Flu£17.5
Hepatitis A£70
Hepatitis B£70
Hepatitis A&B£90
Japanese Encephalitis£140
Adoption & Fosteringplease enquire
DVLA/HGV/Taxi/PVCfrom £90
Employment Medicalfrom £120
Private/Insurance Medicalfrom £120
Core Health Check£175
Sexual Healthfrom £90
Allergy Testingfrom £170
Mole Mapping (First)£250
Mole Mapping (Follow-up)£200
Mole Check (excludes consultation)from £20
TestPrice excluding consultation
Ovarian Cancer Testfrom £102
Prostate Cancer Testfrom £53
Cervical Smear£71
Group B Strep Swab£38

Consultancy Services

Chiropody Treatment£35
Nail Cutting£20
Emergency Treatment£25
Foot Health Check£20
Biomechanical Assessment£65
Biomechanical Review£15
Simple Insole£45
Semi Bespoke Orthosesfrom £140
Casting Appointment£35
Casted Orthosesfrom £250
Refurbishment of Orthoses£60
Acid Verruca Treatment£20
Cryosurgery Review£25
Pre Surgery Assessment£20
One Toe Nail Surgery£180
Two Toe Nail Surgery£230
Nail Surgery Redressing£15

For further information or to book a consultation please contact Jennie

Tel: 07834 896906

Email: jennie@cbtforyou.net

Initial Consultation£60

To book a consultation please contact Jessica

Tel: 07396 379140

Email: drjessicadonohoe@gmail.com

Initial Consultation & Full report£150
Follow-up Consultation£90
Cognitive Assessmentpriced individually
Initial Assessment & Treatment£60
Follow-up Treatment (45 mins)£50
Follow-up Treatment (30 mins)£40
Ski-Fit (6 Sessions)£250
Back-Fit (6 Sessions)£250
1 Person (1 Session)£50
1 Person (6 Sessions)£250
2 People (1 Session)£35pp
2 People (6 Sessions)£175pp
3 People (1 Session)£30pp
3 People (6 Sessions)£150pp
4 People (1 Session)£25pp
4 People (6 Sessions)£125pp
5 People (1 Session)£20pp
5 People (6 Sessions)£100pp
1 Person (taster session)£15
1 Person (6 sessions)£72
Consultation (60 mins)£95
Consultation (30 mins)£50
Consultation (90 mins)£180
Weight Management Package (Gold)£600
Weight Management Package (Silver)£500
Weight Management Package (Bronze)£350
Consultation (60 mins)£80
Consultation follow up (30 mins)£40
Blood tests (Lipids, HbA1c, LFT)£75